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 “The merger required the migration and merging of data and systems into one.  Indigo were selected as the supplier and the transition was effected smoothly, on time and with the efficiency that we have become used to.”

"The Indigo products are very impressive. The data transfer from our previous accounts system was seamless with no disruption at all."

"We thought our previous accounts system was sophisticated, but with Indigo we have moved on considerably in the areas of reporting and in monitoring performance as well as developing the way we run the practice."

"We acquired it as a straightforward replacement for our accounts package - it quickly became the major element of our practice management system. We think the potential for further development of this is considerable."

"We’ve experienced a level of after sales service that is beyond our expectations."

"Their support and after sales service is second to none. Ideas are adopted readily and enthusiatically. We feel we have a real partnership with Indigo from which we see considerable benefits."

"Indigo's support is really great, I can’t believe how good they are!"

"The Indigo support team is the best I’ve ever come across. With previous systems I would feel nervous about phoning for support, with Indigo I feel totally comfortable."

“I am really impressed with Indigo's product and how it continues grow with our ever changing needs. I do not believe that any other supplier could react to changes as quickly as the Indigo team.”

"We have found considerable gains in efficiency since we Indigo was installed; it is generally felt throughout the firm that the provision of it to all staff is the best thing we have done"

"I have an excellent relationship with every member of the Indigo team, I am delighted with their products and the after sale service. I do not foresee our Practice ever going elsewhere."

"Our accountants believe the Indigo system is the best system they have ever seen."

“Buying from Indigo is one of the best things we have ever done. It has increased our profitability and cash flow considerably and we have only scratched the surface in learning what it can do for us. It is much more than just an Accounts and Time Recording system.”

"The support from Indigo is excellent, in fact it's better than excellent!"